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Claverton Energy Research Group
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We are a group of professional energy specialists – scientists, power station and national grid operators,  economists, bankers, academics, engineers etc  who have been discussing energy policy and technology on and off for some for 30 years, recently grown to over 200 participants. 

Aims and objectives: 

  • Some of us believe that we all face an unprecedented crisis, in terms of fuels availability and the impact on economies and climate change, but we see little joined up strategic thinking. We intend to provide this  by means of group and individual discussion, to help produce soundly based energy policies. The subject is too broad for any individual to master, so by linking experts in each areas, we believe a valid synthesis can be produced. We see little sign of this activity at government or corporate level and hope to fill a gap.
  • It is also intended to be  a resource for governments and individuals – journalists, engineers, consultants  who may need to know some particular energy related information, or journalists or civil servants wanting intelligent, knowledgeable opinions.


  • It is also a resource for those wanting to by or sell  specialist energy  technology
  •  A market place for energy consultancy
  • A market place for energy related jobs
 If you want to join please send brief (500 words) details of experience / interests to the Administrator


Written by Administrator   
We'll be up and running very shortly!
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